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Callisto on-premise Warranty Services

Warranty Caching

Architecture and Settings

Callisto warranty caching will populate the Callisto database with warranty information from Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft and Toshiba/Dynabook. The service will attempt HP warranties, but the HP warranty API has been decommissioned for newer devices so this service is currently unreliable, we will implement the new HP API when it is available. The warranty caching process uses a Windows Service "Callisto Warranty Updater" which runs on the Callisto server. By default this is running but inactive. The service takes configuration from the Callisto website. To enable the caching of warranty data we need to configure this function in Administration - Settings - External Data
Warranty settings
Checking each of the highlighted boxes will ensure warranty information can be got and stored by Callisto.

User Permissions

To view warranty information the Callisto user should have permissions to the Warranty page. To be able to invoke the initial warranty population and force a refresh of warranty data an admin must have the "Update Warranty Cache" action granted.
Warranty action and page permissions
When an admin has the Update Warranty Cache permission then they have the ability to click on the first dashstat on the Warranty Page to refresh the warranty dataset.

First Use

As a Callisto user with rights to both the Update Warranty Cache permission and the rights to view the warranty page they can invoke the first warranty sync.
initial state warranty page
By clicking the Bulk Processed dashstat the user can start the process.
Update warranty cache
The Bulk processed statistic will refresh automatically every 30 seconds as the warranty processing runs.
Warranty being processed
Once the warranty processing has completed a green progress bar will be shown with a completed count and completed time. The length of time it takes for warranty processing complete depends on the size of your client estate, the warranty providers in use and bandwidth. In our testing we commonly see 3,000 clients processed in around 10 minutes.
Complete warranty dashboard
When the processing is complete you can refresh the page and see the full warranty dataset. Whenever you want to import new warranty information or update existing warranties simply run this process again.

Warranty Provider APIs.

Callisto uses the vendor warranty APIs to extract warranty information. For Toshiba/Dynabook and Microsoft devices this requires no additional configuration, it just works. For Dell and Lenovo an API key is required. We have a couple of articles explaining how to obtain these here Dell API Key, Lenovo API Key The Dell process is straightforward. If you have difficulty obtaining a Lenovo key please get in touch with us as we can assist with this.


The Callisto Warranty Updater service logs to the Windows Application even log under a source of "Callisto Bulk Warranty Updater". Any program exceptions will be logged here. Each execution of the warranty update process is logged in the Callisto database. the CalWarrantyApiInformation table contains details for each device lookup. For example if the Dell warranty API token is missing it will log that no Dell checking will take place. If the API tokens provided are invalid this will also be logged here.