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Callisto 22-01

Client Sources Dashboard, Software Update Tweaks and Security Fixes

Content Dashboard

Callisto Client Sources Dashboard

This all-new dashboard provides detailed visibility of how and where clients source their content. This helps with tracking how distribution is occuring, identifying bottlenecks, ensuring your caching strategy is working as expected, troubleshooting content aquisition and so much more. With the Callisto Content Sources dashboard, as with all Callisto pages we can start with a very high-level view of the environment and drill in for data across content, sources and devices. For the first time you can see at a glance where each individual machine has sourced any content, track peer usage and monitor content access from a CMG, and your in-house resources.

Content Modal

Clicking any dashstat or chart segment will show all the detail for that area. So if you want to list the specific content downloaded from DPs, or from your CMG, that's simple to do.

Tabbing across this modal screen lets you list the individual clients and download quantities.
Device Modal Content Tab

The Device Modal has been extended to include all content downloaded its source and size.

Software Updates

We have made a change to the last month's updates dashstat on the Software Updates Dashboard to allow you to scroll back in time:

Windows Version Reporting

With the release of Windows 11 and the changes to the release cadence and to the names of the servicing rings, we have had to make significant modifications to the Operating Systems dashboard.

This page now includes Win10 and Win11 release information, the Support chart reflects the in-support status of both Windows 10 and 11.

Security Updates

Callisto 22-01 has the JQuery engine upgraded to 3.6.0 to address security issues in earlier versions.