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Callisto as a Service July 2022 Release Notes


The July 2022 Release of Callisto as a Service introduces the new Security Analyst Dashboard. The new dashboard combines data from the Microsoft Security Research Center and your Configuration Manager software update compliance information to present security posture information. With this dashboard we enable you to move from identifying important CVEs impacting your environment, to establishing the affected machines and the required updates to remediate all in once easy to navigate console. We can easily demonstrate which updates will reduce the CVE exposure helping you to achieve more rapid compliance and meet Cyber Essentials targets.

Controller Update

The Security Analyst Dashboard requires the Central Controller version 3.0.5 which is new with this release. You will need to download and upgrade the existing Controller you have installed before the new dahsboard will render. To upgrade the controller, simply download it from the link here and re-run the installation. The installer will prompt you once again for the correct certificate to use, so be sure to select that correctly.


By default only Administrators are given access to the Security Analyst dashboard, other users can be given access via the usual Administrator - Users/Roles functionality.

Configuration Manager SQL Database Requirements

This release of Callisto as a Service requires your ConfigMgr database to be hosted on SQL Server at a minimum version of SQL Server 2106 (SQL Compatibility level 130) seeĀ for more info. This is due to us heavily using SQL Server JSON handling for the Security Dashboard. SQL Server 2012 falls out of support this month, so if you are still hosting COnfigMgr on 2012 it's definitely time to upgrade.

External Services

We have updated the list of external services accessed by the Callisto Controller to include the Microsoft Security Research Center at Full list of URLs here. External Services and Ports used by Callisto - Callisto (