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Setting up Database Connections

Once Callisto is installed and the database permissions configuration is complete, if you didn't specify them during setup, the final step is to add the connection strings for connectivity to the database.

  1. Log into Callisto. The default initial username is Admin with a password of 123qwe
  2. Navigate to the Administration – Settings page
  3. In the Connection Strings section add your Configuration Manager server name and database name. The Connection Strings section contains areas for each of the database connections Callisto might use.
    The most likely configuration of these requires you to modify the Data Source and Initial Catalog entries as below:

Data Source=SERVERNAME;Initial Catalog=CM_AP0;Integrated Security=True

The database name for the Configuration Manager site is always CM_sitecode. The Operations Manager database is most likely named "OperationsManager" and the datawarehouse "OperationsManagerDW". The Service Manager database is always named "ServiceManager".

When the database connection strings are correctly added and the permissions set up as required, the top level Callisto dashboard will show successful connection to the required databases.