How can we help you with Callisto?

Want to know more about the features or capabilities of Callisto? Need some help getting started? Take a look in the sections below. Or get in touch if you can’t find an answer to your question.

Getting started

For Callisto Pro or Callisto Community, you can register for a full-functionality trial. For Community, a tenant will be created for you and adoption instructions emailed. For Pro, a download link, installation instructions and 28 day trial key will be emailed to you.

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Using Callisto

If you’ve got a question about using the different versions of Callisto, granting permissions to your users or you need technical support, take a look here.

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Setup and user administration

Need help creating accounts, user roles or rights? For assistance with setting up, configuration and user management, browse through our articles here.

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There’s so much Callisto can do with your SCCM data.  If you’ve got a specific user case, or want tips on a particular scenario, take a look here.

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Our most frequently asked questions

What's the difference between Callisto Community and Pro?

Callisto Community is a free to use SaaS application. It provides a single page dashboard with elements from across the SCCM dataset. 

Callisto Pro is available as an on-premise or SaaS and has multiple dashboard pages, wallboard mode, full export capabilities, warranty integration and loads more.

Where does Callisto store my data?

It doesn’t! All of your data stays in your datacentre. The Callisto website in the SaaS edition is rendered by your local web browser and our Callisto Controller, which is a little application that runs on your SCCM Site Server or your PC, fetches the data from your local SQL database when requested by the website. We never see that data, all we know is your email address and the name of your database and SQL server.

Can I customise my dashboard, and add or remove items?

In Callisto Community there is no configuration possible, or required. You sign up for a tenant, provide the database details and away you go. 

In the SaaS version of Callisto Pro we provide a dashboard builder to allow you to select the most relevant metrics to your role.

Can Callisto show the versions of Windows 10 installed in my environment?

Of course! The Windows 10 servicing portlet, on the bottom row of Callisto objects, can list the servicing channel, release version and edition along with whether your devices are running a supported version of Windows 10.

My question isn't answered here, where should I go?

You can fill in the form on the contact page, and someone will get back to you asap.