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Callisto Security Analyst Dashboard Preview

The next Callisto release will feature the first iteration of our Security Analyst Dashboard. This is a major new feature that links security details from the Microsoft Security Response Center to update compliance data in Callisto. This allows us to report on our compliance from a CVE perspective as well as highlighting how many devices are exposed to which CVEs, their risk profile etc.

Callisto Security Analyst Dashboard

As with everything in Callisto there's always more depth to click through. The CVE modal lists detailed specific information from Microsoft and ConfigMgr

CVE Modal Exposure tab

We also list details of all remediations detailed in the CVE and show their compliance in your environment

CVE Modal Remediations tab

Clicking any update remediation links to the update details in Callisto

Callisto Software Update Modal Compliance tab

We have extended Callisto global search to include searching for CVEs, this allows you to quickly assess exposure exposure even for CVE's that may not have been detected in your environment

Global Search Results for a CVE

And then we will show the remediations for this CVE even if the updates are not sync'd into your ConfigMgr instance.

CVE Modal Remediations for updates not present in ConfigMgr

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