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External Services and Ports used by Callisto

Web Services

Callisto consumes data from a variety of external web sources when performing various functions.

For Windows and Office 365 release and support statements we access: and

The Security Analyst Dashboard uses data from

If you have enabled and are using the Warranty Services, the following URLs will be used:
Lenovo -
Dell -
Toshiba -
Microsoft -
HP -

Callisto on-premise processes all of these server-side, as does the Callisto as a Service Central Controller, so the server requires internet access for this data.

If you're using the Callisto as a Service User Application (only recommended for trialing Callisto) the application calls these APIs which is client-side processing, so the user account and device needs internet access to these locations.


Callisto communicates with your ConfigMgr SQL database over the SQL port you have configured for the database engine, by default and most commonly this is port 1433.

Callisto communicates with the ConfigMgr Admin Service on port 443.