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February 2022 Updates Required For AzureAD Authentication

For customers with AzureAD Auth enabled in Callisto as a Service

We have to make some minor changes to the authentication provider in AzureAD to allow Callisto to continue to authenticate users, this is to support ongoing integration with Intune. You MUST make these changes to continue to use AzureAD Auth.

To update, please log into and open App Registrations and select your Callisto Login app.

App Registration

Select Authentication:

Copy the URL shown here as Step 1 and then delete the entry using the icon shown as Step 2, then save this change using Step 3

Click Add Platform (Step 4) and then "Single Page application" (Step 5)

Paste the URL back in from the original URL you copied in Step 1 at the point indicated here by Step 6 and select both token options at Step 7.

Reconfiguration is now complete and you should be able to log back in succesfully using the Sign In WIth Microsoft option.