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Installing Callisto On-Premise

The installation of Callisto should be quick and easy. We support installing Callisto on your ConfigMgr site server, or on a 2012 R2 and later web server alongside. The critical requirement is good connectivity to the ConfigMgr SQL Server.

The following server roles are required:

Web server
SQL Server Database instance (this can be SQL Express) and can be on a remote server
The following Powershell will install the required Windows Components:

Add-WindowsFeature Web-Server
Add-WindowsFeature Web-ASP-NET45
Add-WindowsFeature NET-Framework-45-ASPNET
Add-WindowsFeature Web-Mgmt-Console

We also require DotNet 4.8 which can be installed from here:

The Callisto installer will install this if it is not present.

The ConfigMgr database should be hosted on SQL Server at a minimum version of SQL Server 2106 (SQL Compatibility level 130) see for more info. Lower compatibility levels/server versions will not render some dashboards.

The final pre-requisite is the ODBC 17 driver, again the installer will handle this but if you want to install it ahead of time you can download it from here

NB, the DotNet 4.8 installer requires a reboot.

Run the Callisto installer.

You will be prompted for your license key which you should enter here.

Select your installation path

Callisto stores its configuration and details about device warranties etc. in its own database. This can be installed on a local or remote SQL instance. Enter the server and instance (if required) and test the connection to ensure the installer will be able to create its database.

Now all we have to do is tell Callisto where our SCCM database is stored and the database name (this is most likely to be CM_XXX where XXX is your sitecode). Add these and click next (NB this can be changed later in the Callisto Admin Node).

Final step is to specify the port Callisto will be hosted on. Again this can be changed later in IIS Admin, just be certain not to pick an in-use port, especially if you're installing on your SCCM server. We recommend port 88, but you can use any port you like.

Now sit back and wait while Callisto installs your dashboard portal, this should only take a couple of minutes

When installation is complete you can browse to http://servername:port, eg. http://calserver01:88 or click the link in the summary wizard to connect for the first time.

The default first-use username is "admin" and the password is "123qwe" you will be prompted to change the password on first login.