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Lenovo Warranty API

Callisto will display the warranty status of Lenovo devices in the device modal display. We need to provide a warranty API token to be able to get this data.

To apply for a warranty API token you need to request one from your Lenovo account manager. If you do not have a Lenovo account manager your reseller might be able to assist you. If neither of these are possible, please contact us, we have a working relationship with the Lenovo warranty team and will be able to get you moving with this. We think the warranty services are really useful, so it's worth putting a little bit of effort in here.

Once you have your warranty API token you need to add it to the Administration section.

For Callisto as a Service we're going to Administration - Settings - Callisto Settings.

For Callisto On-Premise it's Administration - Settings - External Data

Once you have your Lenovo token in place, the warranty tab for Lenovo devices will automatically populate in the device modal.