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The Callisto Central Controller

When you select the Central Controller application in the welcome page you are initially presented with this screen: The first task we need to complete is to download and install the Central Controller. The installer has its own page here. Once you have installed the controller on your Configuration Manager site server, we can move on to the next step. Add the name of the server running the Callisto Central Controller with the relevant port appended, e.g.: Click to test that the website can communicate with the Controller successfully. The Controller will query the Configuration Manager SQL database. Enter the name of the SQL server hosting the Configuration Manager database and the name of the database itself The database name is normally CM_sitecode, for example CM_P01. Please save this setting and we will test we can communicate with the ConfigMgr database. When the above steps are complete our configuration is done, and we can go to the Callisto dashboard. N.B. the ConfigMgr database should be hosted on SQL Server at a minimum version of SQL Server 2106 (SQL Compatibility level 130) see for more info. Without this compatibility level some dashboards will not render.