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Operating System Deployment

Tracking the deployment rate, errors and failures and performance of the OS deployment feature of Configuration Manager is useful and important to technicians, project managers and department managers. The Callisto OS Deployment page provides functionality for all of these users.

The page has several filters available to alter the dataset reported. By default we select the Task Sequence with the most data for the time period selected, this can then be changed by the user. The date picker allows us to select a date range for our reporting, going back to 12 month's worth of data if we need to. The page can also be filtered to a specific collection. Want to see the performance of the OS deployment activities last month in the New York office, no problem!

The donut chart is clickable to display details on machines matching the selected state.

Each device record can be clicked for the state messages behind each specific task and if an action has additional data, this can be viewed too:

The bar chart on the right shows the number of builds per day for the selected Task Sequence with a line chart showing average completion time for that day.

The hover-over context shows the chart detail for each metric. Clicking the legend colours will remove and re add them to the chart.

The Task Sequence Action Errors shows all activity failures ranked by frequency.

Clicking any task will show all devices which experienced this error.