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Operating Systems Page

The Operating Systems Page provides two primary purposes. It gives a basic at-a-glance inventory report for the number of devices of a specific OS type in the environment. It also provides detail for the Windows 10 environment to support the analysis of versions and servicing rings and the support status of devices in those rings. The top row dashstats are clickable to surface the devices for each category.

The client computer OS chart is clickable and can be filtered by collection. The datatable below the chart can be filtered and searched and the results in the table can be exported.

The Windows 10 servicing charts can also be filtered. These charts list the Windows 10 versions in use in the environment. The latest version is shown in the darkest blue with earlier versions gradually shading lighter blue. LTSC versions are shown in green.

The Windows 10 servicing rings shows the number of devices in each of the Windows 10 Servicing Rings. The data associated with each ring and the release date for each Windows 10 version to the various rings is shown in the Windows 10 Release Information pane below the chart.