Help for Using Callisto

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Callisto Help > Using Callisto > Resources – Devices Page (on-prem)

Resources – Devices Page (on-prem)

The Devices page is our view of the health of the Configuration Manager client estate.

Each top row dashstat is clickable to filter all resources of the chosen class. The number of obsolete devices should be at or close to zero. The colour of the obsolete client count will change to red if there are any obsolete clients.

Each clickable donut chart shows the relevant client counts. Each chart is filterable by collection.

The default collection for the first chart - Computer Client Deployment is All Systems as we want to show non-clients in this view. The Callisto SmartColour function ensures that Client=1 devices are always shown in green, Client=0 are amber and obsolete clients are shown in red.

The default collection for the other two charts is the inbuilt All Desktop and Server Clients collection as non-clients are not of interest here. The latest Client Computer Version count will always be shown in light green, with older client versions scaling through the colours to orange and red where the client should be updated.

The Client Computer Heartbeat chart shows devices submitting a DDR today is light green and all machines with status in the past 7 days in darker green. The machines we have not seen for longer periods than this are represented by yellow through to red for over 7 days, over 14 days and over 30 days. This chart helps in tracking down failed and lost client devices.

All charts are filterable, all charts are exportable and the data used to populate the chart is shown below, this can be searched and filtered too and the results of the search can be exported or copied to the clipboard for further analysis.