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Software – Client Inventory

Configuration Manager gathers software inventory using several techniques.

  1. The "legacy" software inventory agent
  2. The Asset Intelligence InstalledExecutables64 and InstalledExecutables32 and InstalledSoftware functions
  3. The Asset Intelligence Software Tag data is of minor use
  4. The hardware inventory Installed Software function which reads Add/Removed Programs data
  5. Metering rules data
  6. AppV Client Package inventory
  7. Windows App and Windows App User for Windows 8/Modern apps

The Callisto Client Inventory page relies primarily on Installed Software (Add/Removed Programs) data to provide a high-performance view of Configuration Manager software inventory.

The data set can be searched across publisher and display name using the search function, and/or each column can be individually filtered for the relevant product and the results can be exported. Clicking any row will display a modal list of all machines and product versions, for example filtering for Adobe and selecting the Adobe Reader row:

This data can also be searched and the results can also be exported. Clicking any individual machine will display the device modal with the focus on the software inventory data, this view also provides easy access to software usage data.